Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Favorite (BPA Free) Sippy Cups

As soon as my daughter was starting to play around the house and needed a cup that would not make a mess when she inevitably tipped it over and threw it across the room, my search for a good, safe, chemical free sippy cup began. I just wanted to share the ones that I got, we love, and are safe for our children.

They are the "Fluid No-Spill Toddler Cup" by Boon, "Stainless Steel iSIP Sippy Bottle with Non-Drip Spout" by OGGI, and "The Safe Sippy" by Kid Basix. They are tough, do not spill, and are also really stylish!

Here is an article about BPA and BPA free sippy cups-worth checking out:

And for a great cup comparison check this out:

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