Friday, May 14, 2010

I want safe, non-toxic cosmetic Products!

I feel like it's always: No, no, NO! Every time we turn around, there is another product we should fear using because it is going to kill us! ...Ok, not right away, and maybe indirectly, but it is cumulative and we should definitely be trying to limit our exposure to toxins when we can.

The fact is that cosmetics are not regulated at all. And 450 ingredients that are used in the United States are banned for use in cosmetics in the European Union. It is 100% up to us to make sure that the products we are putting on our skin is safe.

Here is a GREAT website you can go to and type in the product, ingredient, or company-then it will give you an overview of what chemicals are in it, and what potential harm they can cause:

Here is a list of cosmetic companies that you can feel safe buying from. YAY!

These companies are great because they have makeup-even foundation.

And here are some links to get more info about the risks of many cosmetics:

Even Perez Hilton, the famous blogger is talking about it!

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