Wednesday, September 22, 2010

American Drug Addiction

Does this sound extreme? It's actually more typical than you might imagine. It has been noted that 50% of Americans are taking some type of Pharmaceutical. The problem is not that every drug is bad-the problem is that these drugs are being created so fast that there is not enough research done to know what the long-term affects are. You may notice that right after the long, artsy pharmaceutical drug commercial, you see an advertisement by a law firm asking if you had taken the last "pop" pill and have "cancer, cerebral palsey, brain damage, stroke, death, or any other adverse reaction imaginable.
These drugs are widely advertised and promoted (why would anyone advertise medication?), given in doctors offices like candy (even free-in the form of samples), and everyone is profiting. Everyone except for the victims whose health issues show up months or even years later.
I think the only safe answer is just that-play it safe: Just say NO to drugs!

There are certainly times when taking medication is beneficial, but those times (in my opinion) do not apply to colds, flus, heart burn, weight gain, mild allergies and so many other symptoms that are your body's natural way of crying out and telling you that there is a bigger issue at hand. We are a culture of "no pain is acceptable" and we want to kill the symptom instead of finding out the source and looking for a cure. It is like "putting a band-aid on cancer", and the band-aid is a toxic chemical.

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