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Natural Immune Support for Colds/Flu by Veronica Hayduk, ND Second Nature Health

Natural Immune Support for ColdsDr. Hayduk photo/Flu

I know, I know. Most people yap about treating colds and flus in the winter months. But we can be bombarded by viruses and bacteria at any time. Our poor overworked bodies are fighting these small invaders every minute of the day.

I recently had my share of something yucky and I wanted to talk about what I did to recover as fast as I could. Doctors aren't suppose to get sick, yet we too are mere mortal humans.

First of all, when you think you are coming down with something (for me it was a scratchy then sort of sore throat), rev up on taking vitamin C. I mean crazy amounts, not just one pill. You'll be surprised at how much your body can handle. I was up to 8,000 mg in no time. Of course back off if you get loose stools.

I also took an extra dosage of my multi-vitamin and some extra zinc picolinate, oh around 25 mg twice a day.

Then I made sure to stay really well hydrated with green tea and I added a few drops of Lomatium tincture (an awesome antimicrobial herb, tastes horrendous, but very good for the immune system.)

By day two, it was very clear that I was not feeling well. So I took some time off. I would say that is the biggest mistake we make in not doing. Our bodies often make us sick for a reason, to slow down! I took it easy for a few days. I avoided all simple carbohydrates, all juices and anything with sugar. If I didn't feel like eating I didn't. Staying hydrated is important, but a day or two of not eating is okay.

I slept.

I also continued with my multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin C and zinc. Then I added in 15,000 iu and more of vitamin A to really boost my immune system. I continued with the lomatium herb and added in some licorice (my favorite herb, very good at killing viruses, which I was sure I had.) I also added in a good probiotic, as our immune system lives in the digestive system. Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete is my favorite and I took 1/4 tsp twice a day with what I was eating.

Priority One Bio-Vegetarian is a vitamin and herbal formula, sort of like a natural antibiotic. I took two of those every few hours while I was awake. Homeopathic Engystol® by Heel, Inc. also helped me feel less achy and sore.

Do eat simply. Include broth soups, and oodles of orange and red foods (which contains lots of beta carotene, in the vitamin A family). I left wheat alone. While I am not sensitive to it, it is hard to digest for everyone. So forget the crackers and toast! Focus on berries, rice, lean meats and beans. Steamed veggies are better than raw when you aren't feeling well; as the body expends too much energy digesting them when not cooked. I did 'healing sock' treatments nightly (let us know if you'd like the handout on this) and gargled with salt water and colodial silver.

And I slept.

After a few days, I emerged from my bed with more energy than I had in two weeks ago. Amazing what a cold can do for the body. I am not suggesting we all go out and get one, but our own inner wisdom knows when to shut it down and force us to focus on our own best health and what really matters - good health!

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