Friday, April 6, 2012

Sleep Training, Night 2: A sleep Odyssey

Tonight came with much anticipation because I was told by my sage friend that the 2nd night of training was tougher [for her] than the first. Oh great! But things did not go as planned for us because we were at a friend's house and did not get the chance to put her to bed at home with her regular routine. So we wondered if it was just going to be a complete disaster.

We fed her at 5:30 (normal dinnertime) some mashed sweet potatoes.
At 6:30 she was fussing and telling us that she wanted to sleep, so my husband held her and soothed her to sleep and put her in a pack n play in our friend's living room (she had it set up there for her 7 week old). The other kids were playing and woke her up, so he held her and she fell back to sleep on his chest until we left at 8:30 to go home. She woke up when he put her in the carseat, but within 10 minutes she was back to sleep. We got home at 9:30 and he put her down. By 10 she was sleeping again. She slept until 1:30 when she got woken up by our 3 1/2 year old who had wet her bed :(
I know this because my husband told me this morning...Apparently in my blacked out state, I missed the whole thing! He cleaned our daughter's bed, and then went in to soothe the baby. He said within 15 minutes of him soothing her, she went back to sleep.

I do remember waking up lightly at some point in the night and hearing the baby wimpering. I noticed that my husband was in a deep sleep next to me so I didn't want to ask him if he would go in there. I listened, but I was in a partial sleep state so I am not 100% sure about how much time went by. I do know that after not too long, she quieted down and went back to sleep. I have to imagine it must have been around 3am (her former night nurse time) but I did not look at the clock.

The next thing I knew, we heard her crying and looked at the clock-it was 6!
So he went in to get her, brought her into bed and she nursed intensively. Both sides.

So today I feel like a new woman. Even though it was not a 10 hour night of un-interrupted sleep (I still warmly remember those days), I did sleep from 11 till 6 without waking completely. I AM THRILLED!

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