Thursday, March 11, 2010

Helpful tip for cooking with Garlic

I would be hard pressed to think of a dinner recipe that I wouldn't include garlic in-one way or another. It is delicious and healthy too.
A great friend of mine who is a wonderful chef ( Personal Chef Chez Vous ) gave me this handy idea and I just did it today. It is so great! What is it? Ok, I will tell you.

Home-made Jar of Garlic:

Just take a bunch of garlic (I used 5 heads) and smash each clove with the side of a thick knife to remove the skin. Throw them all into a food processor and pour olive oil over it. Process and put it into a jar & stick it in the fridge! That's it. So easy you could have thought of it, right? But I can not tell you how many times while I was cooking it was chopping garlic that just made it seem like a chore. When I have this in the fridge it makes cooking feel so simple and quick.

NOTE: You should prepare for some serious Garlic Fingers. How to get rid of that? My Tip: Wash your hands and then pour some mouthwash on your fingers. It helps.

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