Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something may be lurking in your Stuffed Toys...

Besides an Extra Terrestrial, there can be hidden dangers living in your children's stuffed toys.

Most stuffed toys used to be filled with natural materials like sawdust, wool, beans, rice, or cotton. Nowadays they are filled with synthetic materials like polyurethane, & the exteriors are from Petrochemicals. Even the dyes that are used can be toxic, not to mention that some add stain-resistant chemicals to them. This is not a "Green Mama Scare tactic" at all, and is not meant to be. We have these toys in our home too, and I have not yet thrown on my Hazmat suit and lugged them all in biohazard bags to the dump! But the best solution is awareness. I recommend washing these toys and hanging them outside to dry. This will wash off some of the dangerous fabric finishes, as well as air out some of the toxins that will be Off-gassing.
And of course, when possible, either make your own stuffed toys from sweaters or other old clothing (children always prefer homemade toys anyway), or make sure to buy toys filled with organic cotton, natural latex foam, wool or other natural materials.

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